Our product assortment offers you 4 different kinds of chalk based fine and high-grade plaster from our own development, among others the 2 layer ones PURE, PURE NATURAL and CONCRETE, as well as our single layer plaster DIFFERENCE.

Due to their versatile characteristics each one of them is perfectly suited for office and living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and floors. The natural presence of our high-grade plasters helps creating an extraordinary living experience in combination with a unique atmosphere of the room. Regardless of which look you prefer, country style, classic or modern  – Handmade Calcare’s character-additives, natural or powdered pigments always lead to the desired result. Our large creative versatility is also mirrored in our finishings. You are looking for a concrete finish, stone optic, a gold-, silver or, bronze glaze? Our Handmade-Calcare products are the solution. With our products there are no limits to your creativity. The wide range of application possibilities and areas of use pose special challenges. That is why our products are antibacterial, mould-repellent, breathable, moisture regulating and permeable.

Get an idea of our products from the sample images of the respective product categories below.

Our products are:

– natural
– ecological
– rational
– versatile
– easy to use
– emotionalizing
– timeless
– antibacterial
– breathable
– mould-repellent
– indoor climate regulative



Putz - Stucco - Stuc
Indoor & Outdoor

Pure Natural

Putz - Stucco - Stuc
Indoor & Outdoor


Putz - Stucco - Stuc
Indoor & Outdoor


Putz - Stucco - Stuc